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April 22, 2011 3PM

On one lazy afternoon, two hours ago, I was in front of our newly acquired 35-inch LED TV. Perhaps I was on a test mode or something because I haven’t spent too much time on it except of some pay per view events. AND I’m speaking of boxing events in here not ‘Ms. America’ pageant or something. Excitement was building up for I haven’t watched much (programs) over it because of the harvest season that required much of my time outside the house. I took my computer chair in my room (as I feel very comfortable sitting on it) and another sofa chair for my feet to rest and placed myself 10 feet in front of the said TV. I had some food and a glass of water with me while I was on search for something sensible to watch over the Bio(graphy) channel (Channel 36 on Cignal satellite TV) when the program that was currently playing was the one I hated to the core. So, I would call this one a BUMP!

PLAN # 2

I won’t let this glitch screw up everything!”, I said to myself. And so, I started looking for the remote control to give myself another chance. After all, there are many available channels to choose from and by this time, I was already eager to experience the things I heard from the maker’s advertisement regarding the product which was I should say, promising. Problem was – the remote control was missing. Feeling lazy to get up to just manually change the channels, I got my ass off the said PC chair and I started looking and just to put things on record – it was against my will. (Remember a time when you’ll have to change the channel manually? Like you’ll have to get up every time? If you’ve experienced this then we’re in parallel lines)

God, I was supposed to enjoy watching lives of people that I love BUT this remote control is trying to spoil things out for me!

I looked everywhere; under the chair, under the sala set, corner set, heck- I even checked my stomach thinking that I’ve swallowed it!


Feeling hopeless, I asked my buddy and my Nanay who was in the kitchen that time about the remote control and I said, “Nay, nakit-an mo ba an remote?” (Have you seen the RC, Mom?) and they almost simultaneously replied, “Waray!” (dagger!)

Feeling pissed and disappointed, I said to myself, “Ikaw na remote control ka, makapurungot ka na, hikit-an ka ngani nak adto ka gud puruta sa gawas!” (I’m going to throw you out of the window you f*cking remote control! )


With the help of my buddy, at last, the said remote control is in my hands now! My ears clapped, I was happy and fulfilled and I felt like I’ve just passed the exam to be the president of the world. Well, by the way, he (my buddy) found it in the fridge! Yeah, funny!

BUT this story is not about a remote control who ‘ran’ away from me and was found in the fridge.


I was again in my favorite sit. Now, I have the pleasure of changing the channels all I want. The sad part was, there was nothing to watch that would satisfy my urge. I once again surfed.

I’ve surf and surfed until I saw mixed clips of poor people on monochrome. Things like you see in third world countries. I was intrigued and so I watch this documentary by Jessica Soho which was just starting. The Topic was Kidney transplant patients and its donors. At first, I was like, “I salute those people who’d give their kidney to save a human being!” 

Imagine the doctors would rip it all off your body and they’d probably use some knife that you’d see on TV shopping network. Sh*t, I won’t sell mine for a million! BUT for 10M? I’ll think about it! 😉


There I learned that a human being can live with one kidney. So, why did God designed us to have a pair? Why? I thought, maybe God wants us to have a spare. Like what we do have in a car, a spare tire. Well, I really don’t know the medical reason of it but God is not like me and you who’d claim to be geniuses and so I continued watching.

Oh, before I proceed with this, let me just give you some points for you to see the complete picture of what’s really going on with this “Philippine kidneys for sale” business here in our country. These are the key players;

·         The poor pinoy – He’s the one who’d sell his kidney for P70,000. (Yes, you got it right! For only P70,000 you’ll have your dying kidney replaced. See? Now, you can abuse/do whatever you want with your kidney like drink some gasoline everyday JUST make sure that you have some money in your savings account(70K) plus an additional cash for hospital bills and medicines, no worries.

·         The broker – This one’s also a Filipino. He’s the person who’d spend 1000 hours every day in two to three hospitals trying to spot patients who are in need of a healthy kidney. (Say, your kidney now is useless and you already have the figure above (70k) + another 30 – 50K for his fee, he’s the one to contact and BANG you have a 25 year old fresh kidney. That simple. By the way, this dude hates to complicate things! “Kabilaan dito pare!”)

·         The Baranggay chairman – Hmmm it’s hard to give an adjective to this character (I’ll try my best) BUT he’s also a Filipino. A Baranggay chairman in Tondo, I forgot the name of this particular place but I know for a fact that it is one of the poorest. The broker and this Brgy. Official has a special bond. Let me explain further, the broker and this Brgy. Official has a special bond since the Baranggay chairman would serve as a recruitment agency. “Wow, parang papuntang Dubai lang!” The broker would tell him that “Boss, I need 5000 fresh kidneys now!” and he’d be the one to tell his constituents “Guys, I believe that you’re all suffering from this effing poverty. If you want 70K to start with a small sari-sari store and/or if you want your twisted face configured by Ms. Belo then just sign the paper and we’ll have your kidneys removed!” Wow, that’s what you call PUBLIC SERVICE.

·         The patient – This one is a Filipino or a foreigner with the figures stated above and is excited for his new kidney! I bet the excitement is like unpacking a new iphone from apple store!


As the documentary was rolling, drama filled the air. Tears fell down my face watching the interviews of these poor victims of poverty. I remember a poor donor who was about to have his spare kidney removed and probably, out of the thought of getting his kidney removed, this patient changed his mind and run away – only to find out that the police was already outside his house trying to force him to be operated for reasons that he has already signed the “contract” and IF he really doesn’t want to do it, I mean, to have his other kidney removed, he’ll have to pay for the hospital bills/money spent on check-ups done prior to the said operation. Imagine, the primary reason why these people would sell their ‘cleaners’ is MONEY – NOW, how the hell can he possibly pay for those damn bills?! This makes me think of how shameful Filipinos are! Call me lame, but I really thank God for giving us Manny Pacquiao and his accomplishments. At least, we have someone, as a Filipino to be proud of!


The said documentary ended up with a somewhat love story. It involved a couple with the husband needing a kidney donor and his wife volunteered to have her kidney removed. Prior to the operation things were caught live on cam. The one that touched me the most was the line of his wife.

JS: Ano po yung masasabi nyo po sa asawa nyo na kukunin na ang inyong kidney para sa              kanya?

Wife: Ang masasabi ko lang(teary eyed) mahal na mahal ko sya at ngayon di lang puso ang binigay ko sa kanya noong kami ay magka asawa, ngayon pati na ang kidney ko…


“Waray” – is a Visayan term which means “wala” in Pilipino.

Waray – is the name of the dialect that we speak here in Leyte.

Bisaya- is the dialect that they speak in Cebu.


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