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Two days ago, when I was driving on my way home something happened. A bunch of assh*les on a motorcycle overtook recklessly and I felt that they were not that sober after they gave me the “bird” (which was actually annoying). I could have pumped up the gas and bump them (to give them a dose of their own medicine) but I did not. I thank myself for attending the Sunday mass in which I’ve gained some wisdom. I reached home. No problem. I was actually planning to write the experience I had but I thought- it wasn’t worth it. Well, not until this morning..

April 13, 2011 9:00am

My buddy and I were inside my uncle’s old rice mill doing something (it’s not what you’re thinking so please, STOP!) and suddenly we heard this disturbing sound, about one million decibels.. If I were to describe it, it was like Mars colliding with our beloved Earth. We paused, looked at each other and proceeded with what we were doing…  After about two minutes, we decided to take our dose of carcinogen outside. There, things dawned on me that there was a vehicular accident (a motorcycle VS. a tricycle (let’s see who wins 🙂)- approximately 50 meters from my uncle’s rice mill) but I didn’t dare to care because I thought that it was not that serious. To tell you frankly, I even wished that it was the assh*le who gave me the “bird” few days back.

My buddy and I continued our little talk. After few minutes, there was total chaos. I remember hearing cries from an old woman. “Tabag, tabag, tabag!!!”  (a cry for help) I was like, “sh*t, this must be serious..” You know what, I’m not the type of a person who would interfere with other people’s affair but I just don’t know  what happened back there. I felt like there was something inside me that urged me to go to the scene. So, there I went.

With a cigarette on my left hand and a spare on my ear, I’ve witnessed the outcome of what recklessness can actually do and the ruins. I saw  the driver; broken everything and if you’d remove the flesh on his knee you’d have a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle. His wife was bleeding, it looked like somebody had just smashed a baseball bat on her head. Her left knee cap was almost hanging and the other fat lady with them broke her nose and some minor bruises.  On the other hand, surprisingly, the one who hit them, two of them were not that serious. For some reason, one of them even asked for a glass of water. I thought, “look what you’ve done and all you care now is your thirst!”

I was observing, calculating on who will have the best chance of dying. Two of them were. I said to myself, “Sh*t, the funeral homes nearby will once again earn some. well, at least two boxes will be needed!”

“God, I’ve once again sinned through my thoughts. Please, forgive me”


When I was already about 2 meters away from the driver, I intensely looked at his face and there- I was shocked! Man, it was one of my neighbors. I wasn’t able to recognize him for he was so pale (if I were to slit a razor blade on his lips it won’t probably bleed – that pale!!!), probably he was nervous or something similar to that effect and/or he freaked out realizing how serious his injuries were And I don’t even know if he was conscious or not. I don’t know, something rang inside my head that I asked the people in there if they’ve contacted the Brgy. Chairman for him to assist/facilitate the transport. I heard somebody saying, “they’re on their way to let him know” and I thought, “d*mn, that’s another 1 million kilometers and a zillion minutes for them to contact the chairman!”

I volunteered to transport them to the nearest hospital which is about 7 kilometers

With the help of some people, we lift them one by one to my truck and one thing I’ve noticed, it felt like they’ve doubled their weights. I was thinking that perhaps the woman, in her mid 50s, would only weigh about 110 lbs BUT when we were trying to lift her- it felt like she was 1 thousand pounds. Seriously, they were heavier than I thought.

I lit a cigarette and drove.

It was my first time driving injured people to a hospital. I was on ‘hazard lights’ on my way and people, by-standers that we passed by kept on looking at us. They probably thought that I was the one who hit them. At the back of my truck: 5 injured people (two were dead serious) and about 6 good souls who helped on lifting them. We reached the hospital .

They were rushed to that room (definitely not the delivery room and/or the ICU) were doctors, nurses would instantly apply some first aid. I heard the doctor saying “they must be rushed to Tacloban City”, and I concluded that the two which happens to be my neighbor were indeed serious.


While the nurses were applying first aid to the one with severe injuries and while I could see how in pain he was- his phone rang. Perhaps a friend or a relative texted him to say “kumusta” or “kailan mo babayaran ang utang mo?”. It doesn’t matter. The text message tone was “a voice of a somewhat cute baby saying “MUAHHH.. MUAHHH.. MUAHHH.. MUAHHH MUUUUAAAAHHHHHH” and I was like, “WTF!!!”


  • Early this morning I woke up late(7am) which is so unusual for me because last night I planned to do something which requires me to get up early and I needed to wake up early and when I plan to wake up early- I wake up early! (just figure it out)
  • I kept on thinking of those m*th*rf*ck*rs who gave me the ‘bird’.
  • I felt like I was heavy waking up.


 “GOD, please let my two neighbors live..”


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